Friday, November 20, 2009

'Tis the end of the Season...

I thought I would share the sites from my visit with the in-laws. My family and I are taking advantage of Maia's maternity leave to spend time with her parents for a few weeks at their home in Metepec, Mexico.

In the past month we have been buttoning things up for the end of the season. October gave us a lot of moisture, we were lucky to work outside a day or two each week all month. With the cool/wet conditions it slowed the grow-in of #13 substanitally but there is still a good stand of grass. It will push the opening back later in the spring next year, but the grass looks good and healthy. Our project on #4,7, & 8 also will be delayed until next season because of the weather in October. Hartman was put back at least 4 weeks due to the rains and it meant the project would be stretched into next spring, and that is not something the Greens Committee nor the BOD wants to have happen. So the work will be done in October of 2010, and as of now nothing major will be done during the season next year. The snow fence is going up, similar to what we did last year. Tree trimming is taking place throughout the course, our main areas will include holes 3,4,5,6, & 7. We started cleaning up all the dying juniper shrubs near the starter shack, next spring we will fill and grade the area, planting it to be much more attractive then it was. All in all the season is ending good, though October was a poor month for golf. Our turf looks good, and the green covers will be going down on Monday. Thanks to everyone for a terrific season!