Monday, April 19, 2010

Hole 13 Update

( 2010_04_19 - Hole #13 from the White Tee )

Hole 13 is shaping up very nicely. The cut on it today really shows the definition and contrast between the rough cut and the fairway cut. The fertilizer has really got the grass going so it will be on a regular mowing routine from here on out it looks like. There are some thinner areas, we will be seeding them in some fashion over the next few days. We are also planning on getting some seed worked into the poor fairway spots that we have on #3, 14, & 17. The weather has done nothing but cooperate for getting 13 going strong out of winter, and I am very optimistic we will be playing on it sooner then projected. Just so you know, June 1st was the projected date. Obviously it is a day by day decision, but by May 1st we should have a pretty good handle on a projected opening...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A New View

( 2010_04_13 - Hole #18 )

A new look from the eighteenth tee will greet you on your next visit to the club. In an effort to make the hole more playable the two trees on the right side of the fairway nearest the tee have been removed. This greatly improves the ability to reach the right side of the fairway and not get caught up to find yourself with a 200 yard shot up hill to the green. As part of the next phase of the bunker renovation project, the bunker on 18 will be getting a makeover. This means it will be brought up to style with the other bunkers and also be brought into the fairway a little more to take it out of the tree line on the left side. The removal of the trees not only makes the hole much more playable now, but with the changes it will continue to keep the hole more playable for us average golfers.

You will also notice that we have removed the bag rack near the putting green. It was seldom used and created a traffic issue that funneled players to and from the putting green to the first tee. This should help improve movement and also turf conditions in the area. We are also in the planning stages for the new flower bed that we created when we took out all the old Juniper shrubs next to the starter shack, new shrubs for a hedge to block the loading area to the lower part of the clubhouse, and shrubs to replace the overgrown Amur Maples to the right of the first tee.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Greening Up

( 2010_04_04 - Hole #6 )

Things have definitely greened up over the last week to two weeks. Leaves are even starting to emerge on some trees. There is no question that things are a little ahead of schedule this year, and that is a great thing.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be making it around to the few damaged spots we had in some fairways and the 16th green. Roughing them up and getting some seed and soil mix worked into them. To continue the theme of natural stone work we will be removing the wooden steps on the second tee and replacing them with ones like 9 and 16. We will also be doing some work around 16 with the cart path near the green and some drainage at the bottom of the hill. We have started the bunker cleanup and edging, taking notes on ones that need some sand added, and cleaning up the grass faces that have accumulated sand over the last season. The old style bunkers did not have a lot of that problem associated with them. With the newer bunkers and the high grass slopes we are realizing we need to do a little more maintenance to keep the turf in good shape. We are putting together a game plan and will have it worked into our normal routine shortly so we can keep the grass slopes in those problem areas in tip top shape.

The thirteenth fairway is coming along nicely. It has been mowed once and fertilized all ready. You can now see what the tentative idea for fairway and rough cuts are. There will be an intermediate cut also, like most other holes on the course. With the fertilizer and mowing, once things warm up, it should really take off and start filling in. Stay tuned...

Friday, April 2, 2010

First Full Mowing 2010

( 2010_04_01 - Mowing #8 fairway )
No April fools joke yesterday, we mowed fairways, approaches, collars, and tees for the first time this season. It really is something having weather like this April 1st, it is probably 3 weeks ahead of schedule. It is forcing us to rethink our timing on some of the fertilizer and chemical apps. Though I think we will have a cool down to more normal temps this time of year, we are definitely ahead of the curve so far.

( 2010_04_01 - #13 fairway from the forward tee )
Thirteen fairway is coming along very nicely with the warmer weather we are having. This picture was taken yesterday and the fairway is even greener today. If the trend continues we will be fertilizing it early then I had anticipated and should be mowing it for the first time pretty soon. I am very optimistic that we will be on it sooner then I had thought, which was ballparked at June 1st. Here is hoping the weather continues on its warm trend and things don't get too wet with spring showers.