Monday, April 23, 2012

Well Refurbished

The well renovation was completed on Friday afternoon with the installation of the refurbished pump assembly and motor.  The visible portion looks new, however it is the old motor with a fresh coat of paint and complete rebuild.  Figuring the well was installed in 1989 and lasted through 2011, hopefully we can get at least another 20+ years out of it.  Reviewing video footage of the before and after is pretty convincing that the blasting and jetting process works as advertised.  The 40' of stainless steel screen at the bottom of the well looks brand new and there are visible cavities behind the slots.  Now we just have to put a fresh coat of paint on the rest of the assembly and make it a bit more presentable.  If I can get the video footage I'll try and share some of the before and after stills from it.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why The Low H2O?

When we drained the pond on #6 down last fall we noticed the muskrat control netting had slipped down a few feet in spots and there were some burrows in the pond bank.  With everything going on this spring so far we have not had a chance to rebuild the small portion that got dug out and also install some new netting up higher on the bank.  Another issue with the pond is the gate system has rocks in the bottom of the enclosure that is preventing the bottom gate sections to seat properly and seal water off from draining out.  This coming week we will climb down and pull the rocks out, and also start to rebuild the pond bank and install new muskrat control along the pond bank.

In other news, we have been very busy tidying up the multiple projects we had left over from last fall/winter.  The tracks from the work on the irrigation pond have been cleaned up and sodded over in front of the 13th green.  The drainage on #15 & 16 has been cleaned up and prepped for seed/sod.  Some of the smaller stumps have been ground up and the holes cleaned out.  The larger ones are too big to feasibly do in-house so we will hire out their removal.  Most of the landscape beds have been cleaned out and are awaiting a fresh layer of mulch.  And to go with all of that we have already started some normal rough mowing routines and are getting closer to a regular mowing schedule on fine turf areas (kinda crazy considering it is only April 7th).