Friday, March 30, 2012

Pump House Flush

We had some spring cleaning in the pump house yesterday.  Every spring over the last handful of years we have had Midwest Elevator out with their airlift system to remove debris from the bottom of the wet well inside the building.  As part of that process we have to remove the check valves and turn them around so we can back flush the pump screens and churn up the water in the wet well.  It went very smooth and we removed a fair amount of stuff such as leaves, small sticks, and even the remains of a squirrel.  Since we did the pond work last December we are hoping this could be one of that last times or at least we can space out the cleanings to every few years.  It is not that much of a hassle but wrestling around 6" check valves and steel couplers can get a bit tiresome.  Pond work?  Well, we extended the wet well intake about 4' and raised it about 24" off the bottom of the pond.  The old inlet was flush with the bottom and allowed all sorts of debris into the system.  So between the two jobs we should be clean and good to go for years to come...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some First Cuts of the Season

Just a quick shot of the first fairway mowing of the season.  Yesterday we got out the mowers and put first cuts on the tees, approaches, and fairways.  The greens also were cut, for the fourth time this season already!  Couple of cool days here but things sure are greening up.  There is talk of hitting 80 degrees this weekend! Wow.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012 GIS & Takehome Tidbits

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A few weeks ago I was looking at this landscape; It was the Golf Industry Show in Las Vegas, NV.  For one week a year the GIS brings people from all areas of golf course operations together to learn, network, and relax a bit.  While over the years the conference/trade show numbers have decreased a bit, there was a super turnout for the 2012 GIS.  With a attendance of almost 15,000 people and 540 exhibitors, the trade show floor was constantly buzzing.

I had two really good seminars, one on management strategies to decrease the amount of Poa annua on the golf course and the other on stress management strategies for cool-season turf.  I came home with some great information as well as some things we are going to implement in our maintenance practices this coming season.

With the last of the greens covers being disposed of (worn out and deteriorated beyond usefulness) we are going to be striving for a greater percentage of bentgrass on our greens and less annual bluegrass.  Not that we have not all ready been doing things to achieve this over the years, we constantly modify and improve our cultural practices to encourage the bentgrass over the bluegrass.  This season we are going to ease into some of the chemical strategies for modifying our populations of turf on greens.  It is something that will take a long time to appreciate because we wish to achieve this with little to no effect on playability.  This is just one of the many things we are working on this season, stay tuned for further details on everything we are looking at this season.

Panorama from the clubhouse roof 03-20-2012.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not Too Much Cleanup Thankfully

One casualty from the storm last night. We got about .4" of rain and I'm not sure, but I think the wind gusts were in the 50 mph range.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Off And Running

We mowed greens on Friday, nice clean-up height. We opened the course at noon on Saturday. And now, on Monday afternoon March 19 mind you, we are firing up the irrigation system! Here we go. IVGC is looking forward to potentially a nice long season. Here's hoping the weather is good to us that whole time.

Posting from my phone in the pump house. Not sure how this is gonna look or the quality of the picture until I get back to the computer. Bare with me...