Monday, March 31, 2008

Come On All Ready :)

I would like to say we have been really busy in the last couple of weeks and it has caused me to lapse a little on my blog, not the case. We have been pretty relaxed just waiting to get outside. I was hoping the end of March would bring pictures of green grass and signs of spring, well here is the end of March... It sounds like 3"+ of slushy, wet, and heavy snow, I think the paper referred to it as "heartattack snow" which I am sure alludes to trying to shovel the stuff.

Well before the current storm hit the turf we could see (which was most of it this morning) looked good and ready for spring. I am sure it will be only a couple of days before we get another look. Hopefully by early next week we are running around outside getting things cleaned up for the opener. I feel pretty certain it is gonna be a good couple of weeks before we can start filling out scorecards, but only time will tell. Once this snow is gone we are going to need some solid sun and warm nights to move the frost out of the ground. I have heard estimates that it reached a good 5' deep this winter, which would not surprise me. Once it starts to thaw out though it usually goes fairly quick. Hopefully later this week I have a much more anticipated photo to share instead of the snowy white blanket we see now.

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