Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And Then There Was Sod, Again

The forward tee on #2 has been completed. The teeing surface was sodded on Monday while the rest of the sodding was finished up today. Thankfully the rain held off enough for us to get all the surrounds covered and finished off. Since this project had been delayed to this extent we cut the fairway sod for the surface a lot thicker then we normally would. This creates some challenges for sodding, smoothing, etc. but it allows us to hopefully be using it by next Wednesday, maybe even Tuesday. While we were cutting sod for #2 we removed the worst half of #17 and re-sodded that also. The right half of the tee is in ok shape, though not great it is usable and we will keep the tee markers on that side until next week some time. We may re-sod the right side but it appears to be coming in more and more, and we are planning some aggressive seed/soil work to hopefully really get it to come back without having to sod it. All this tee surface work has created a open spot in the beginning of #3 fairway, that will be sodded as soon as sod is available again. With the rains and spring the local sod producer has been playing catch-up, and even this project was stretched over 2 days because we could not get all the sod the same day.

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