Monday, July 27, 2009

Didn't Find Any Gold, Yet.

Curbing is done on #11 and #7, and the sod/grading is also completed around those areas. The new teebox on #11 is now open for play. The blue MGA marker is now 207 yards to the middle of the green, we will be updating the tee sign soon. Two of the three buildings on the course are cleaned up and painted. #9 tee is next on the list for some work, the new steps and landscape area. We will be doing more sodding along some cart path edges and evaluating some of those areas for stone rather then grass. The geese are now flying and are much easier to keep away from the course. We will do everything we can to keep them away for the rest of this season and also deter them from staying around next spring. All in all we have been busy taking care of a lot of odd's and end's.

The finishing touches for number 13 in in the final planning stages right now. The next newsletter will have a overview of the project so everyone understands what is going on. I will also be updating the blog regularly as we get closer to renovation time. Right now I plan to spray the fairway with Round Up on Monday of club championship week. It will be yellowing by the weekend but should play just fine. This is necessary so when we till the entire area the week after the tournament, the grass is dead and 'crispy'. This will ensure a good final grading of the fairway prior to seeding. But, as I just said, I will keep everyone informed of the details as we get closer to the project...

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