Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A New Insect? Not Likely.

Well this ain't a beetle, but it is a pest all the same.  I'm a sunflower seed guy myself, I carry a bag around in my cart and often have a mouthful while I am out and about.  I do not spit seeds on fine turf areas out of respect for other golfers.  While fairways and tees might not be as big a issue, spitting sunflower seeds on greens is.  There is no reason a person should have to pick up another person's sunflower seed shells so they can putt.  Not only is it a bit disrespectful, it is a tad bit gross too.  Let's keep the shells in the rough and respect our fellow golfers a bit more.

And on a lighter note...  Stump holes are being sodded, most landscape beds have a fresh layer of mulch, and a lot of little things are getting done.  We will soon start addressing cart path edges around greens and tees.  I think it's gonna warm up soon, I did wear shorts today but apparently that might have been a wee bit optimistic.  I started the day with rain pants and a decent jacket on because it was cold...

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