Monday, April 22, 2013

Growing Degree Days and Weather

Horticulturists, farmers, and gardeners use growing degree days(GDD) to quantify heat accumulation over a given period to predict plant blooms and pest emergence. I put together this chart for a couple of reasons today. One, it is a great way to visualize where we are today as compared to the last two years when it comes to weather. And two, at IVGC we use it to plan our first chemical application to inhibit poa annua seeding on our greens during the growing season. Using a base temp of 32 degrees F we are waiting to hit the 250 GDD number to apply the first of two pesticide applications. The chart shows how the weather can be extremely different from year to year. I hope we start warming up and accumulating some GDD fast (I say that with snow coming down and starting to accumulate on the turf). It is December right?

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