Monday, May 20, 2013

A Little Wet but Work Continues

The new tee boxes on hole 1 are now open for play. One of the things with bluegrass sod when used for tees, the thatch layer is pretty thick and until we get a good amount of sand topdressing worked in they tend to be a bit spongy.

The rains came at a great time, all the fairway slit seeding was accomplished last week and collars were aerified and seeded also. All playing areas including rough we're fertilized and watered in prior to the rains, it was pretty obvious today that it is working due to the excessive growth in our fairways and rough. Unfortunately the amount of rain has not been ideal, we have received around 4" since Friday and there is a pretty good chance there is more coming in the next couple days. Mowing schedules and routine work will all be handled as best we can over the next couple days due to the saturation. 

We continue to patch/re-grass poor areas on collars and greens. I expect this will continue for the next couple weeks as we work are way around the course. We will be utilizing small plugs, hex plugs, narrow sod strips, and typical sod cutter work to fix these issues. Whichever method best removes the damage and allows us to provide turf consistency will be implemented. It won't be uncommon to see greens with plugs and sod strips as we move forward with the repair. Regular sand topdressing should help with smoothness and seams created from the repair work. 

The front entry work continues also. Many of the perennials have been planted, with only a few more beds to be worked over and finished. We have to wait until this rainy stretch passes before we can mulch the beds, the dye gets washed off the mulch if it does not have a good chance to dry. Our first delivery is scheduled for the end of the week so hopefully all beds are mulched by this coming holiday weekend.

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