Friday, May 24, 2013

Putting Green Seeded & Regrassing Continues

Work continues all over the golf course. We seeded the new putting green today so come on weather and cooperate! Planting beds around the clubhouse have been planted and mulched for the most part. We still have a couple beds to plant in the front entry, and we also need to make a new one on the north side of the entry drive. The new retaining walls and planting beds when you exit the clubhouse at the 1st tee also need to be completed. With those projects and a few more details to tidy up, the front entry project will be wrapping up soon. The bids for chipsealing and road repair are coming in so that work will be completed soon also.

The crew continues to patch poor turf areas through the green complexes. Collar regrassing has been going smooth and most of the dead spots have been removed. Green patching continues, and will continue until we are satisfied with the conditions. The coin size spots that litter the playing surfaces are starting to fill in and grow over. Continued TLC with topdressing, verticutting, and some extra fertilizer will allow them to keep progressing along on their way to recovery. The two greens out of play will hopefully be ready for golfers in the week or so. They will still have thin spots I'm sure but should be playable. Early next week we will evaluate some of the larger areas we are trying to get back from seed and make a determination if sodding should be done to hasten recovery.

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