Thursday, February 28, 2008

Greens Committee Notes

It has been a quiet week at the shop, not a whole lot other then equipment work and the beginning to a couple weeks of painting. On Monday night the Green Committee held its first meeting of the year and got the ball rolling for 2008. Brad Solheim was elected Chairperson for the 2008 season and the committee decided on a member to present to the board for approval onto the committee. The board will decide on that at the next meeting and I will keep you all posted on that outcome. As for the rest of the meeting, bunkers, bunkers, bunkers.

It was brought up that playing a golf course that is under a long term renovation can be a bit disconcerting when during that round of golf you go from finished holes to unfinished holes and back to finished holes. It was that idea that brought about a unanimous consent to finish the front nine and continue on to the back nine. So for the 2008 season the plan is to complete #6, #7, #8, & #10. We are considering the front nine completed at that point since #2 & #5 are the most recent bunker renovations completed before this course wide plan started in 2007. We have $80,000 to work with and the estimates for this work from a 2007 analysis was just a bit above that. With the help of my staff and a few alterations to the plans we should be able to bring the 2008 phase in on budget. I will follow up in the next couple of days with a description of the work planned on these holes and what the thoughts are behind them. The one thing to keep in mind is that the basic plans and ideas are in place for each bunker/hole and then once the dirt is being shoveled the final decisions are made on-site.

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