Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Staying Busy

As I go forward with this journal I hope to keep the membership and public informed of what is going on around the golf course on a regular basis. I won't promise daily updates but a few each week should be enough, especially during the golfing season. There will be pictures, explanations of various maintenance practices, project updates, and anything else relevant to the golf course.

So what keeps us busy during the winter months? I am glad you asked. There are a lot of things to keep us busy during the few months that the course is closed. Just to list a few... All the course supplies, such as tee markers, garbage cans, flag sticks, cups, etc... are sanded and painted. Every piece of equipment is cleaned and serviced. Mowing units are sharpened. Plans are laid for the upcoming season after we review the previous season and determine what needs improvement and adjustment. But, I will be the first to say things are much more relaxed and save the occasional impact wrench or reel sharpening, there is a nice quiet that lingers around the shop. And so we prep for the coming season...

Here's to making 2008 another great golf season at IVGC.

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