Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The work on #6 began back in December on the 11th & 12th. With a hoe and dozer Nyen Construction completed the rough work by removing the bunkers and bringing the pond edge closer to the green complex. All of the excavated soil was incorporated into mounding on the left and back left corner of the green complex. The excess was graded out into the no-mow area behind the pond. In the spring Hartman Golf will be back out and finish up the final grading and sod install. Just so everyone is aware, the pond level will be kept at minimum until the project is completed. Because of that, the aerator/fountain will not be put in until the water level is brought back to normal. The pond project on #6 is only one project that needs to be completed this coming spring. Those of you who have visited the club this winter have seen the addition of evergreen trees along the County Road 30 side of the driving range tee. All the trees were transplanted from the golf course so there are 20+ tree spade plugs that need to be leveled and sodded. The forward tee on #2 is also still under construction and will be finished as soon as the soil can be worked. As with other the other tee projects, that one will be sodded and should be ready for play very quick. There will be plenty to keep us busy along with getting the course ready to open.

For a current update on the golf course: The snow cover has been good all winter and that is a good thing with the very cold temps & wind we have had on occasion. And now there is a chance for a few more inches which would nicely cover the exposed mounds and turf areas we do have.

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